Bank Holiday Exhibitions

It’s Friday. It’s Bank Holiday. - Oh, isn’t that a beautiful feeling? Finally, we all have enough time to get out and do more of the fun things. For example? Well, although our weather app doesn’t promise any sunshine coming our way this weekend, there are some London art galleries featuring fantastic exhibitions you shouldn’t miss out on…


Tate Britain

Until May 6

Photo credit: @tate

Renowned British photographer Don McCullen’s collection of war photography - including more than 250 images from over the last 60 years - showcases his brutal honesty and the gloomy, though truthful character of his work.



National Portrait Gallery

Until May 27

Photo credit: @martinparrstudio

Infamous photographer Martin Parr loves capturing the true essence of people’s characters within his work. His latest exhibition “Only Human” at the National Portrait Gallery, Parr unveils his observations of the typical Britishness in a truly authentic way.



Until May 15

White Cube Mason’s Yard

Photo credit: @whitecube

Looking for truly artistic inspiration? Marclay is back to town with a new exhibition featuring two new video works which explore and rethink the relationship between text and image.

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