Inspired By Change With Theresa Dacio

Besides rocking everyone’s world with her bubbly personality and fresh looks, California-based Theresa Dacio @theresadacio is a true multi-tasking talent. Theresa works as a part-time Model, Blogger - and Jet-setter - curating inspiring, colorful content. Did we mention her full-time role is being a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Get inspired below!

Tell us about yourself! What’s your story? 

I wear a lot of hats! I'm 29 years old and I work as a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist, part-time lifestyle blogger, and part-time model. I grew up in Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, and the U.S., so I have lots of places that I call "home". 

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by change. I'm inspired when I surround myself with people that are go-getters and work daily towards their goals and dreams. I am inspired when I push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things, and I am inspired when I see others do the same.

What does empowerment mean to you? 

It means being bold, but thoughtful. It means lifting others up, being kind, and staying true to who you are.

What do you love most about your L&J pieces? 

I love how timeless they are - I know the pieces will last me for such a long time. They also make the best gifts! :) 

Your favorite quote?

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."