VIVID Styled: For Her & Him

With its fresh-looking dials in navy, white and gold, jubilee strap, bold shape, and delicate details, VIVID is our most versatile unisex collection - one that fascinated with its modern, yet ultra-chic look. Each VIVID watch, whether it comes in a smaller 30mm or larger 38mm size, will grow on your personal style, enabling you to fully express yourself.


Whether you are in love with bold colors and strong statement pieces, or you rather stick to a natural finish that works for both, everyday outfits and your favorite go-out looks: All three styles of VIVID will adjust to your mood and styling, always giving your look the special finish it deserves.



VIVID is set to elevate your look, no matter what style is your favorite: With our 38 mm styles in mixed and gold links, VIVID creates the perfect urban streetwear meets royal empire look. With a tomboyish styling that can have both, a sporty or elegant touch, we have designed VIVID to bring to you the watch of the future, making your 2019 outfit look a lot more like 2020.