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British Blogger and Youtuber Chloe Hayward is our absolute fashion idol when it comes to contemporary styling. Her looks combine fresh trends with her signature classic attitude which we just can’t get enough of! The Brighton-based fashionista’s favourite piece is our Saga chain watch; the perfect statement piece to complement her modernist wardrobe.

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We've teamed up with American TV star Kavia Ewell! The LA-based Actress, Podcast Queen, and Super Momma is Our absolute idol, Chowing that you can reach anything you want if vou gust put vow heart Into 't. Discover below her favourite piece' and how she styles them.

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We've teamed up with our favourite British Actress: Georgia Hirst. You might know her best from her role as "Torvi" playing in one of the most binged series; Vikings. But the London-based girl who always knew she would somehow end up in the entertainment industry, is not only an amazing actress, she is also a badass fashionista who knows how to get her styling right.

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Explore our collaboration with Jillian Harris! Together with the Canadian TV star, Interior Designer, and super mama we have designed the Jilly; a timeless collection with a sweet touch. With its 36mm round-shaped case, sleek numerals, and delicate Milanese straps, the Jilly watch is the ultimate elegant must-have.

Due to high demand, this collection has already sold out.

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When our minimal Scandinavian aesthetic meets a vintage nostalgia and a New Yorker's state of mind, then the result is the possibly most elegant watch we've ever designed. IN 2018 we collaborate with New York-based Blogger and Designer Danielle Bernstein to create a collection that is pure vintage, though timeless as ever.

Due to high demand, this collection has already sold out.

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