**Coronavirus Update**

As we are all aware Covid-19 is causing unprecedented disruption across the globe. It’s hard to navigate the unknown, but it goes without saying that the safety of our customers, employees and local communities is paramount so our logistics facilities have taken steps to ensure that extra hygiene and cleanliness standards are adhered to.

Unfortunately our London based repair centre has been forced to close so we cannot currently process any repairs. Please note that if you do choose to send a watch in for repair it will not be processed until it reopens and we do not currently know when that will be. 

We are however currently operating a normal shipping and returns timeline but if you have any concerns then please email support@larssonjennings.com for the most up to date information.




The Larsson & Jennings 2 year international warranty covers any watch, strap or jewellery for manufacturing and mechanical defects not caused by wear and tear, plus battery degradation.

Please retain your confirmation email to serve as proof of purchase. In the event that a product is returned and adheres to this warranty a repair will be carried out or replacement product will be issued. If no replacement is available the customer may choose a product of the same value as their replacement but no cash refund will be made after 21 days of purchase.

Our standard 2 year warranty does not cover the following:
- Damages, and/or malfunctioning of the watch/strap/jewellery after the terms of warranty.
- Damages, and/or malfunctioning of the 
watch/strap/jewellery, caused by unauthorised persons or its representatives.
- Damages to the case, crystal glass, strap or buckle.
- Changing the battery or having the watch opened by a third party will void your warranty.
- Postage, insurance and other non-repair expenses are excluded from warranty.


Activate your warranty today and we will keep all your details for easy claims in the future.




If you received a Jilly watch from the Jilly Box then please email support@larssonjennings.com with your name and email address and we will activate your warranty for you!


Includes cover from our standard 2 year warranty plus;
- Extends the cover to life-time as long as you own the 
- Unlimited warranty claims
- Warranty cannot be transferred
- If we are unable to fix the 
watch/strap/jewellery within an economical repair we will replace it to the value of a current day like for like style


Includes cover from our standard 2 year warranty plus;
- Includes repair to the glass
- Includes repair to the strap
- Does not include repair to the watch case
- Permits 1 claim within the 2 year cover




この度は Larsson & Jennings の時計をお買い上げ頂き誠に有り難うございます。

本製品は、 正常なご使用状態で万一不具合が発生した場合は、 ご購入時に発行される明細書、 領収書およびレシートに明記されたお買い上げ日から 5 年間は下記の保証規定に基づき、 無償にて修理させて頂きます。

無償修理の際は必ず上記明細書、 領収書またはレシートを添付していただき、 ご購入先にお申し付けください。



●有効期限は、 お買い上げ日から 5 年間です。

●保証の範囲は機械本体のみで、 バンドなどの外装品及び稼働するリューズなどは保証の対象には含みません。


●お取り扱いの不注意や誤ったご使用による故障、 損傷。


●弊社以外での不当な修理、 改造などによる故障、 損傷。


●火災、 地震、 水害など天災地変による故障、 損傷。


●上記書類にお買い上げ日、 販売店の記載がない場合。

※修理対応の際、 代替え部品を使用する場合もございますのでご了承ください。



The trade mark LARSSON & JENNINGS is registered in many countries of the world. Any unauthorised use of this trade mark constitutes trade mark infringement, and action will be taken against any infringer. 
All products on this site are guaranteed for five years from the date of purchase under the following conditions.